My Journey Towards 5th Dimensional Consciousness

Me on a good day.

Hi Rosie here and welcome to my website. I hope to share my experiences to help others who may have been through similar. 

I have found Ascension into 5th dimension arduous especially at first when I discovered I was on the ascension Path, and I am still finding it tough sometimes, but the rewards are greater. For nowhere could I have bought, Authenticity, an Open Heart, and Self Love.

Nowhere could I have bought the Freedom I have found from the Need to Control, or the freedom from having to say Yes when I wanted to say NO, or freedom from NEEDING anything or anyone.

This is what Ascension has given me and more, and I know am very blessed to be on earth at this moment in time, because the Universe is assisting my  journey, making it much easier for me. It may have taken me thousands  more lifetimes, suffering in a third dimensional consciousness to achieve what I've achieved to date.




My Journey Before Ascension


I was born in 1947, and have not met anyone to date on the Ascension Path who was born that far back although I’m sure there are people.

I chose a traumatic childhood, of which the sexual abuse I received, as a baby was repressed, so I had no memory of it, and my subconscious kept replaying it through dysfunctional behaviour, and causing constant depressions. However, I do remember the physical, mental, emotional, abuse from my narcissistic Mother.  

I will not go into my past here just to say that my birth and traumas forced my consciousness into Higher Mind for survival. So I was not like other kids and FELT everything with intensity either good or bad.

I had many magic moments like going to see Father Christmas, or the beach, where other children took as normal days out, where I FELT them with great intensely.

Likewise I FELT disappointing moments those other kids would just shrug off, but I saw them as Hell. I felt I never belonged here on this earth and would lie on the grass looking up at the stars wanting a very large ladder I could climb up to escape.

Although I was abused physically, mentally, and emotionally, on a daily basis as mentioned I loved my abusers and blamed me, physically punishing myself as head banging on the wall and banging my chin on the pavement till it bled.  

When I was in puberty I went into Lower Mind hating my childhood abuse and those concerned and feeling sorry for myself. However at 37 years old I learned Transcendental Meditation practicing daily, which brought me into Higher Mind and I forgave and put the past behind me, or so I thought.


At 67 years old after a life of being a mother and a well sort out therapist and moving to the beautiful island of Cyprus with my second husband Keith my work came to an abrupt end, and realised after a while it was for me to give my precious time to me, and stop helping others. . I was forced by the Ascension Energies to do inner child work which I had not seen as necessary before this.

But it was very necessary as I was ill and had many blockages, which caused my physical body much pain. By ignoring my emotions and not crying all these years and not dealing with them, although I touched on clearing emotions, after reading a book by John Ruskan - Emotional Clearing which was good, but I never cried, eventually the emotions dried up.

I could not find, and did not know, of the larger emotions, linked to beliefs of unworthiness, shame, and guilt, hate and revenge, these were deeply buried and had to be addressed.  

It took me 18months to reap the reward of authenticity, self love and open heart. Now I maintain my inner child daily to allow the above to stay as part of my life and to help that part of me, that beautiful little girl, who I had rejected all these years, which did so much for me to get to the ascension path, who I love with so much compassion, and eventually want to raise into the Christed Child in my heart.

I am writing a eBook at the moment that will be available on Amazon of my journey on the ascension path and the tools I used and what they did for me to assist my journey and hopefully it will be out in the spring of 2018. If you’re interested let me know and I will put you on the mailing list.